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Program #3368 - Aired in 2015 | Pop-out a Player

William Jarabek Classic

Alcohol, Wanderlust  

Ever have sore, swollen feet? How about swelling so severe you can't remove your shoes. Bill Jarabeck's feet were so swollen his shoes had to be cut from his feet. Meet Bill and learn what happened to him next, on this episode of "UNSHACKLED!"


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Program #3323 - Aired in 2014 | Pop-out a Player

Charles Emerson Classic

Alcohol, Self-Reliance, Wanderlust  

At a critical time in your life, has anyone ever given you an answer that led you down a wrong path? It can have devastating consequences. This week on "UNSHACKLED!", you'll hear the true story of a man who was given bad advice. When he followed it, he ended up wandering aimlessly around the country until he realized it was ruining his life. Listen to as his story comes to life on UNSHACKLED!