Library for the Blind

  • This is an outreach ministry of Pacific Garden Mission providing those who are visually impaired access to the UNSHACKLED! radio drama series on cassette tape. Here’s how it works…
    1. An initial shipment of four (4) cassette tapes (8 stories) will be sent to you.  After finishing the tapes, return them using the preprinted return label provided.  We will then send you your next four tapes.
    2. In order to hold down the cost of providing these tapes, the following points are essential.
      1. Do not mark or write on the tapes or their cases.
      2. Return the tapes in the case they came in.
      3. Postage is free if you use the label we provide marked “Free Matter for the Blind.” Remove the address label from the case and flip it over and place it back into the slot.
    3. You may terminate this arrangement at any time.
      1. Return all tapes in your possession.
      2. Enclose a note stating that you no longer wish to receive the tapes.  Tapes will continue to be sent to you as long as they are returned by you.
    Pacific Garden Mission is pleased to make this service available. To begin receiving tapes from our Lending Library, please read and acknowledge your agreement to the following statement. I understand that duplication of UNSHACKLED! tapes is not permitted. I also understand that these tapes may not be duplicated and sold for any price.  Any other method of financial profit involving UNSHACKLED! tapes is contrary to the spirit of our message and ministry and violates this arrangement as well as the copyright laws under which UNSHACKLED! is protected.