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Program #3543 - Aired in 2018 | Pop-out a Player

“Foxes Have Holes” Classic

Finding Purpose, Teen Runaway  

On the next dramatization in the UNSHACKLED! series, you'll hear a story expressly written to bring attention to all the lost souls out there searching for truth, purpose and love. A private investigator on the trail of a missing son. His investigation revealed something missing in his own life. Invite your friends to hear an old-time mystery, all on the next UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3303 - Aired in 2014 | Pop-out a Player

John R. Hand Classic

Prison, Runaway  

John Hand was looking for adventure when he ran away from home at fourteen. He got more than he expected. Invite others to hear this compelling testimony, always timely, from the Classic files of UNSHACKLED!