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Program #3792 - Aired in 2023 | Pop-out a Player

Ernie Scott Part One

Alcohol/Abuse, Greed, Revenge  

Ernie Scott worked hard for a living, and when a stranger offered to invest in his business he was convinced that it would make him wealthy. Don't miss part 1 of this powerful story of how hatred turned to murder, on the next Unshackled!


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Program #3467 - Aired in 2017 | Pop-out a Player

Locksley Silvera Classic

Backsliding, Drugs, Revenge  

Suppose you knew there was a death sentence passed upon someone. Then one day you suddenly found him knocking on the door of your home while you were cleaning a gun. It happened to Locksley Silvera, and you can find out what that experience led him to do on this exciting episode of UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3420 - Aired in 2016 | Pop-out a Player

Glen Williamson Pt 2

Alcohol, Revenge  

Betrayed by a friend, Glen Williamson sought revenge until another Friend settled the score. Don't miss his extraordinary testimony, another true dramatization on "UNSHACKLED!"