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Program #3803 - Aired in 2023 | Pop-out a Player

Rodney Williams Part Two

Drugs, Evangelism, Rehab  

Rodney Williams couldn't break free of drugs, not until he caught fire one night. Don't miss the riveting conclusion of his testimony, another true dramatization right now on "Unshackled!"


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Program #3647 - Aired in 2020 | Pop-out a Player

Pat Baranski

Abuse, Rehabilitation, Suicidal, Tragedy  

As a child, Pat Baranski did not get the love he deserved and questioned whether his life was worth living. He found purpose in singing and starting his own family, but a life-threatening accident forced him to begin all over again. Don't miss his moving story, on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3422 - Aired in 2016 | Pop-out a Player

Jane Page Classic Pt 2

Evangelism, Rehabilitation  

An ex-patient of a mental hospital found freedom from alcohol addiction, but her two friends seem hopeless. Learn how they found redemption in part 2 of the classic story of Jane Page, on "UNSHACKLED!"