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Program #3752 - Aired in 2022 | Pop-out a Player

Rita Branton Classic (PG)

Abuse, Evangelism, Prostitution, Tragedy  

Rita Branton was on her own and passing as an adult while her school mates were still selling Girl Scout Cookies. She set across the country to find better as a teenager, but discovered a world of chaos and tragedy. Then a visit with an old friend would introduce her to a life-saving reality. Don't miss her exciting true story, right now on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3447 - Aired in 2017 | Pop-out a Player

“Fern” Classic

Family, Forgiveness, Prostitution  

Fern's family was split apart when she reported the criminal activities of her mother to the police. Years later she was introduced to the One who could help her forgive the unforgivable. Don't miss her true story on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3129 - Aired in 2011 | Pop-out a Player

Denise Cooper

Drugs, Impairment, Prostitution  

She survived being dragged from a car for a block, but Denise Cooper almost didn't survive her own bad choices. Learn how she did in her true testimony, another dramatization on UNSHACKLED!