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Program #3788 - Aired in 2023 | Pop-out a Player

Jonny Brandemihl Part 1 (PG)

Denial, Drug Abuse, Molestation  

Jonny Brandemihl (Brand-eh-mill) grew up in a troubled home filled with alcohol and abuse. After he moves out, he falls into a drug addiction that threatens his marriage and his life. Don't miss Part One of this powerful story, right now on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3498 - Aired in 2018 | Pop-out a Player

Mary DeMuth (PG)

Child Molestation, Forgiveness  

No one seemed to care when Mary DeMuth was violated as a child. But Someone did care and has used her story to help others. Don't miss this heart-rending testimony, another true dramatization on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3391 - Aired in 2016 | Pop-out a Player

Karen Hulbert (PG)

Equine Ministry, Molestation  

Horses helped Karen Hulbert deal with abuse as a child. Now she uses horses to help troubled people find peace. Don't miss her inspiring true testimony, another dramatization on "UNSHACKLED!"