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Program #3725 - Aired in 2022 | Pop-out a Player

Sundar Singh Pt 1

Honor-Killing, India Missions, Rebellion  

Sundar Singh hailed from a family of Sikhs, but his mother taught him to value all religions. After burning a Bible and deciding that the Christian God was dead, Sundar would have an encounter than would lead him on the mission of a lifetime. Don't miss Part 1 of his adventurous story, another true dramatization on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3237 - Aired in 2013 | Pop-out a Player

Shirley Duncan

Abuse, Lumbee Indian, Orphanage  

She wasn't an orphan when she yearned to live in an orphanage, but going there changed her life. Don't miss the testimony of Shirley Duncan, another true dramatization on "UNSHACKLED!"


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Program #3208 - Aired in 2012 | Pop-out a Player

Promod Haque Classic

Fear, India, Superstition  

What happens to people who dabble in spiritualism, seeking to raise the dead? Promod Haique's family raised a specter of fear. Don't miss his unusual testimony, another true dramatization from the Classic files of "UNSHACKLED!"