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Program #3563 - Aired in 2019 | Pop-out a Player

Vickie Baker Classic

Daredevil, Quadriplegia, Suicidal  

If you thrill at watching death-defying circus acts, imagine what it's like to perform them! On our next program you'll hear the true story of a woman who was addicted to the adrenaline rush. She was a skydiver and a trapeze artist with the circus until one fateful day when everything came to a halt. Don't miss this exciting story of how she made a death-defying choice that led to the greatest thrill of all. All on the next UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3381 - Aired in 2015 | Pop-out a Player

Dean Allen Classic

Bad Choices, Crime, Evil  

We've all known people who make wrong choices. But have you ever met someone who seemed to make wrong choices on purpose? Meet this man, and learn how he got into criminal activity. and how he finally made the right choice that set him on a new path. Don't miss the true-life story of Dean Allen in this episode of "UNSHACKLED!"