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Program #3819 - Aired in 2024 | Pop-out a Player

Retreat at Ajalon

Depression, Doubt, Easter, Faith, Inspirational, Rebellion, Suicidal  

A man struggling to find life's worth, a hillside retreat, and the holy power of the resurrection story, all collide in our Easter Classic, "Retreat at Ajalon." Don't miss hearing how Christ poured out his love as he gave up his life. And the glorious power in which he was raised from the grave, conquering death. This listener favorite is on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3664 - Aired in 2021 | Pop-out a Player

“The Wilderness” Easter Classic

Agnosticism, Fear, Holy Land  

Four strangers, traveling together in a dangerous desert, facing perilous circumstances, some of their own making. Would they find the way out before their situation became desperate? Find out in this dramatic Easter Classic entitled, "The Wilderness".


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Program #3517 - Aired in 2018 | Pop-out a Player

Stephen Clark Classic

Eastern Religions, Mysticism, Yoga  

Why would someone brought up in Christianity turn his back to become a yoga guru and leading monk in a Hindu monastery? You'll learn why, and how he ultimately discovered the only way to God, in the unusual story of Stephen Clark on the next episode of UNSHACKLED!