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Program #3809 - Aired in 2024 | Pop-out a Player

Joyce Thurner-Gallacher Classic

Abandonment, Abortion, Desperation, Freedom  

More than a million babies are aborted each year in the U.S. alone. Joyce Thurner-Gallacher knows a better way. She suffered through abandonment, an abusive marriage and a violent assault before she found that Way, but the freedom and hope she has is for anyone. Invite your friends to hear this powerful true story right now on Unshackled!


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Program #3668 - Aired in 2021 | Pop-out a Player

Katie DePew Pt 2

Desperation, Drugs, Redemption  

Seeking an escape from inner turmoil, Katie Depew turned to all the world had to offer - and watched her life spiral out of control. But in her despair, Katie discovered the one who offers true peace, and whose grace never stopped coming after her. Don't miss the conclusion of her true story, on the next UNSHACKLED!