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Program #3680 - Aired in 2021 | Pop-out a Player

Bernard (Bud) Rauschenberger

Alcoholism, Debt, Hopelessness  

It seemed like Bud would never conquer his battle with alcoholism. But when this truck driver dared to attend his sister's Bible study, he stepped into a redemption story that changed everything. Don't miss this exciting dramatization on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3590 - Aired in 2019 | Pop-out a Player

Matthew Weber

Addiction, Debt, Depression  

Matthew Weber's addictions began to spiral beyond his control at a young age. He struggled to see the point in living for anything outside of the next high. But through his sister's love and persistence, Matthew discovered a holy hunger he didn't know he had. Don't miss his story on UNSHACKLED!