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Program #3355 - Aired in 2015 | Pop-out a Player

Lester Myers Classic

Cheating, Drinking, Gambling  

Lester was a drunk, had cheated nearly everyone in his hometown, operated a bootleg whiskey tavern and ran a crooked gambling house. But one day he stood outside a rescue mission debating whether the place was "respectable" enough to enter. Find out his verdict. and its results. in the exciting dramatized story of Lester Myers.


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Program #3336 - Aired in 2014 | Pop-out a Player

Bobby Hopper Classic

Cheating, Drugs, Stealing  

We usually think of carnival workers as liars, cheats and thieves. This was true of Bobby Hopper, a carnie from California. But his life and addiction to prescription drugs turned around and he became a new man. Don't miss this exciting story on this episode of UNSHACKLED!