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Program #3315 - Aired in 2014 | Pop-out a Player

Mickey Kalman Classic

Alochol, Crime, Drugs  

How do you stop someone who's headed down a slippery slope? For one man it came when someone kindly asked, "Why don't you stay around awhile and do some work?" For that man, a drifter who was sliding deeper into a life of crime, the question led to a new life. Hear the true story of Mickey Kalman, on the next UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3187 - Aired in 2012 | Pop-out a Player

Henry Christian

Alcohol, Alochol, Military, Selfishness  

Who would think that a man whose drinking cost him his wife and children could become a chaplain? Listen to Henry Christian's story and hear wondrous things . another true dramatization on "UNSHACKLED!"