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Program #3813 - Aired in 2024 | Pop-out a Player

Karl Priest Part 1

Aimless, Bullying, Creation, Darwinism, Military, Navy, Science  

Karl Priest grew up in a troubled neighborhood being bullied and learning to bully others. But after nearly losing his life by drowning, would he discover the purpose for which he was created? Find out, right now on Unshackled!


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Program #3639 - Aired in 2020 | Pop-out a Player

Paul Pierucki

Addiction, Aimlessness, Grief  

As a young kid, Paul's broken relationship with his dad led to a spirit of rebelliousness that carried him through young adulthood. He was aimless; unsure what kind of life he wanted to build. When he nearly lost his family over his poor decisions, Paul was finally able to repent. Don't miss his powerful story, another true dramatization on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3630 - Aired in 2020 | Pop-out a Player

Keith Surland Classic

Aimlessness, Drug Addiction, Insecurity  

As a young man he lacked self-esteem and purpose, so he turned to Angel Dust to give him a boost. Though drugs helped him get noticed, it wasn't quite the attention he wanted. Hear all about it when we bring you the classic true story of Keith Surland, , on UNSHACKLED!