Prayer Band List

  • severe anxiety over world situation and so much other stuff that is going on in the world and here in the home, I am up in years and am scared of being alone a lot of the time. Thank You for praying for me. I intend to donate when my check comes.
  • I have a huge debt to pay and don't have the way of paying it of get a loan at the bank. I've been praying for God for a miracle but get stressed knowing due date is closer. There's so many things been going on in my life and I'm at rock bottom but really want to trust the Lord more those days for a miracle. Days I fail and cry and doubt. Keep me in your prayers please please. God bless you all.
    Shanis A
  • Sorry to bother you. Please help me in prayer. I suffer severe depressions. I have a very tough spiritual battle and I need a Christian wife. Thank you very much. GOD bless you abundantly.
  • Please pray for me. My mother asked that we keep her sister-in-law, KR, in prayer. She has a growth on her brain that is affecting her speech and ability to walk. If the doctors can't do anything about it, they said that she doesn't have long to live.
    James J.
  • My son desperately needs to return to the Lord. He is only a high school senior and is facing jail. He has been drinking alcohol, driving without a license, outrunning police on a motorcycle, and threatening suicide. Please pray the Lord preserves his life and that he would passionately serve the Lord.
  • This is my first message to you. I PRAISE GOD for your well-established ministry; I love Unshackled, this program lifts my heart. Praying for all the best for you @ PGM. I haven't been down the truly rough paths that many have, having grown up in Ames, Iowa in the 50s-60s, but know the way sin takes us all down in small & big ways. I know the LORD Jesus and intend to serve & glorify Him always. I watched your trailer video; it helps me to really feel how the program gets created. Good job ! 👍 🙏
    Nicolette F
  • Please pray for healing and protection for A, that God would fulfill his will for A's life, that He will lead A to a church home and into Christian fellowship.
  • Please pray God helps our children be accountable and responsible adults who walk in the ways of God. Thanks and God bless!
  • Please pray for me. I will have a surgery on my right hand this coming Tuesday. Please pray for a successful surgery. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you all.
    Cindy L.
  • Please pray for me and pray for my son. He is back sliding but with a good heart. He really needs the Holy Spirit to convict a soul. Please don't forget that he needs Jesus for a purpose in his life.
    Merle M.
  • Please pray for me. Pray for my wife's business. She opened up a boutique nail salon -- for it to be blessed and a blessing.
    Korey A.
  • Please pray for me. Pray for my daughter for healing. Join your faith with ours for her healing.
    Neoma S.
  • Please pray 1) wife is hired for job she interviewed for with good results, 2) children and grandchildren recieve Jesus as Savior/Lord, 3) God protects my family and His chosen children covering us in the Christ's blood, and 4) God guides me concerning His will for future of ministry He assigned to me.
    Al L
  • Please pray for me and my son. Our family is in deep need of prayer right now. Our teenage son has had false accusations made against him and it is very serious. Jesus is his Savior and we ask, if you would, that you please have your prayer team pray that God heal this situation by His infinite power.
    Garry D.
  • Please pray she wants to press charges against me over a Visa debit card.
    Dawn H
  • Healing from chronic cough, sinuses, allergies, asthma. Deliverance from anxiety, prayer for marriage, finances, help to keep my job.
  • Please pray for me. I need a prayer against false accusations that Holy Spirit will enter the accusers heart to recount. That Yehshua will give me strength at this time. Thanks!!
    Robert O.
  • Please pray for me. Please keep me in prayer that I will not need radiation for cancer in my body and it will not be any recurrence.
    Ayonda S.
  • Please continue to pray for the P Family medical and housing needs and the passing of our Papa on December 22nd. Thank you again.
  • I am asking for prayer for my back. I have a herniated/bulging disc in my lower back that is excruciating. If you are willing please pray for healing and restoration and to be able to return to work soon. Thank you.
    Mark M
  • Please pray for all of my neighbors. They need Jesus, as we all do.
    Caroline L.
  • Praise the Lord! Please pray God blesses our family to keep our eyes on Jesus and we bless the Lord at all times. Thanks and may God bless and keep your family!
  • Please Pray for me I surrendered to the LORD FULLY Pray that if God wants me to become a Missionary to Pakistan that he will provide a way and that I will be able to go to The Crown College of The Bible
    Nathaniel S
  • Please pray for me for deliverance from alcohol and drug addictions, for mental, emotional and physical healing, and spiritually ~ for my relationship with God.
  • L to walk well & healing - health issues for S- THANK YOU
  • Thanks for praying for my family. My son got a job and is doing fine. I have a request for prayer for myself. I pray that you guys would pray for me to find a diet plan that works for me. I’m at the age where being overweight is going to start telling on me, my health may be at risk, thank you guys so much God bless.
    John W
  • Please pray for our daughter.
    Buddy R.
  • I need prayer that God will make me completely holy and that I would be completely set apart from sin.
    Ellison J
  • Please pray for my kids and my husband that we will all grow in the knowledge and wisdom and understanding of the and truth. To read and pray more to live a concentrated life and to love and respect each other.
    Barbara B.
  • Please pray for the salvation of CO, JO, SO and RW who also has a medical problem.
    Ron O.
  • Please help! I lost my career on November 29th. I'm 74. I need a well paying opportunity immediately. My wife is sick..we both need healing. Please pray. In Birmingham, Alabama
    Mark R
  • GHS I need work old junk
  • Bro DL (health) Bro M (spiritual weakness.)
  • I am Praising Jesus for the life he gave me in Rejoicing evermore praying without Ceasing and being Thankful in all things for this is the WILL of God concerning you in CHRIST JESUS. Pray with me to be Faithful to HIS Truth. By His grace i stand for but the flesh is pulling hard against me ,But I bless Him anyway. Thank you.
  • Im asking the Lord to help my friend with her case. That she feels she was wrongly incarcerated. I'm hoping she can spend time trusting God at this time. That the Lord will help her to trust Him alone. C is in a state prison in TN.
  • Prayer for relief from old fines by a municipality in Illinois. Praying for direction and hope in Christ. Looking to find my future home in another state.