Prayer Band List

  • Hi, I want to ask for prayer for my brother who is an alcoholic and has an illness and he has not been able to stop his addiction. Please, I ask for prayers for his life since he has three children who need him. Thank you
  • My sister is going through cancer treatment and now is having head tremors. Her doctor ordered a MRI tomorrow (Thursday) to see what is going on. Pray the MRI doesn't show anything serious and that she is totally cured from this cancer. Thank you and God bless
    Sandra W
  • Please pray for me, I just had an accident, I got hit by a car. We are hoping that it might be the best if they pay off the car since it is almost paid for. Want to fix the car ourselves. Father GOD please allow the best decision to take place In JESUS name. Thank You Father GOD. Thank you JESUS. We pray Father GOD will answer all your needs and my needs in JESUS name amen
    Gloria E
  • Please pray for my father's soul that he will get saved.
    Rob C.
  • Pray God heal me. I need to be healed .
  • D, age 14, diagnosed escoliosis and pectum cavatum. Has struggled for years to love himself. Very low self esteem. Hates his body. Please pray for freedom of his mind...that he can see himself like Jesus sees him. Pray for his family. Thank you!
  • Please pray for me. Please keep our family in your prayers.
    Noah W.
  • Restore health for mom and good Dr report Thank you!
  • Would you agree for complete restoration of my eyesight and for the small hole in the back of my eye to supernaturally heal itself - NO SURGERY REQUIRED Jesus name...Amen Also, would agree with me in prayer for my loans to keep closing so that I can pay my Jesus name....Amen. Also, would you agree with me in prayer for wisdom for a man who doesn't treat women Jesus name Amen.... Please agree with me that the tenant at my new place will stop smoking inside of their unit... in Jesus name...Amen We are believing for total restoration his brain and equilibrium of Jackie G caused by nerve Jesus name.. Thank you for your prayers of agreement!!! God Bless you!
    Debra H
  • Please pray for me. Pray for our family for good health, jobs, lives pleasing to our Lord God Almighty in Jesus' name.
    Annette W.
  • Earnest prayers for Wisdom, deliverance from balance debts to be crushed soonest under the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ miraculously, and angel of Blessings locate us today as God's messenger to come and help us to resolve it. May our marriage is restored as it’s tense at present and we get to rejoice together, let our worries turn into joy furthermore. Our Restaurant Business sales increases daily as we know .... Nothing is impossible with Our God Amen.
  • Restoration with someone so precious to me and the healing /forgiveness of past hurts they feel
  • Please pray for an 18 year old boy. He's suicidal. Please pray that he and his 3 older brothers will be truly born again and saved. Thank you for praying.
    Alice B.
  • Lord God Almighty we fervently pray for my children who are enduring bullying from and adult woman, her children and family. we implore that this family turns away from such harmful behaviour, and seek the revelation of truth and justice. Please raise members of the community to stand up, speak up, protect and offer guidance. Send forth your legion of angels for protection and grant healing to my children. Let Your divine will shine upon them, lifting them from isolation and guiding them to a life filled with love, support and safety. In Your holy name, we entrust their well being. Amen
  • Please can you and the other staff be praying for me, I'm going through a hard time and can't shake it off. Please pray God has mercy on me and delivers me out of this suffering I have, puts His healing hand upon me, and a huge hedge of protection around me and God's strong powerful angels around me to protect me......and also please pray for my dad for his health and comfort he broke his tail bone and has leukemia.....please pray for us weekly until we feel better.. we don't live in the same states.
    Heather H
  • Dear Pastors, Leaders, Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Greetings to you in Jesus' name from India! I would like to share with you that a few of our dear secret believers from Muslim background are being stronger in their spiritual journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. They are being more courageous to attend our weekly worship services on Friday and home Church fellowships by His grace and mercies. Other believers from the same background (Muslim) are being more mature in their lives and following Christ in the midst of all kinds of oppositions of Radical Muslims in their local areas. Praise The Lord! Please join your hands with me in prayers. ** God has inspired my heart to pray for at least 500 believers from Muslim background at our Friday congregation ** God might help my team and me to continue to reach out our Muslim neighbours with The Gospel of Christ and establish more Home Churches inside the Muslim community. ** God's provision to continue to carry God's love in an action programme. Such as to feed the poor children, to help the poor and sick patients through the health care ministry ** to take care of the persecuted believers by providing DRY RATION etc, etc. Regards, Bashir
    BASHIR from
  • The Lord to help me find a Bible believing church, a wife (God willing), and Christian friends.
  • Requesting prayer for my son and daughter who are in desperate need of a job. Pray that God will open up doors of employment and give them favor.
  • Hallelujah! Please pray God mightily helps our family live for Him and to fully enjoy the Christian life!
  • Please pray for me. I am an elderly lady and asked for prayer for increased finances to be able to donate more to God's ministry. Thank you.
    Deloris T.
  • My best friend suffers from emotional depression and loneliness. I've tried to be a good friend and remind her Jesus' love and that He will never leave her nor forsake her. But, I don't feel like I am doing enough for her. Everyday she tells me she's emotionally upset. Please pray for her and for me to have patience and not let my temper show in my words or actions. God bless you all and PGM! Thank you for your support in prayer.
  • Please pray for me. Pray for my diabetes and my neuropathy. I believe God is calling me to come to PGM. I have so many health issues and I am 51 years old. Please pray that my MRI test will go well and God will favor me to be healthy again. I do not want to leave alone.
    Chayne W.
  • Please pray for me and my girl Valerie I don't know if she knows Jesus or not so I hope you guys could pray for her and me too thank you and God bless all of you.
    Jonathan B
  • Please pray for my son, Joshua. He is born again but in bondage to crack addiction and schizophrenia. Please pray for him. Thank you.
    Joshua T.
  • Please pray for me and my loved ones/relatives, as we miss our mom, great grandma on this day.
    Annesa L
  • Please pray God provides the money needed so we can build a new worship center this year. Thanks and God bless!
  • Please pray for my two daughters. They both needed a job. One was out of work and the other works for a non-profit and doesn't make money.
    Warren S.
  • Please pray 1) wife and daughter receive blessed new jobs this month, 2) God reveals His plan for my future, 3) deliverance from attacks by occultist and evil spirit creatures, 4) salvation of many more people soon, 5) more people receive God’s prophecy of coming things. Also that our congregation pays off all debts.
    Al L
  • My poor brother Jason is suffering with long COVID. He feels really sick every day. Please pray that he would be healed very soon.
  • Please pray for my wife as she left me about 5 weeks ago and wants a divorce. I do not want a divorce. I love her very much. Please pray for reconciliation and for her salvation. Thanks.
  • I have no enthusiasm or energy for life or God anymore. Please pray I can come back to God and be zealous for the Lord again.
  • Please pray for me and remember to pray for the family of Billie that God's will be done. Pray that all our family who need to be saved that God's will be done. Everyone at Caplan Glass that God's will be done. Thank you.
    Tom B.
  • S in Hospital with pneumonia. THANK YOU.
  • Please pray for me. Please keep me in your prayer, I have breast cancer and in pain today and I work a little. Pray for finances.
    Ayonda S
  • Next week we are supposed to have a cold snap down to ten degrees. Please pray that no pipes would burst like happened last year.
  • Please pray for me tomorrow that the Lord will give me courage to tell the truth and that we can still keep the house.
  • I need a workplace miracle. I am stressed and burnt out on my job. I need a breakthrough but don’t know how to make it happen.
  • Clarification of a relationship, need for serious weight loss, and insomnia.
    Margaret W
  • Please pray for my daughter. She has diabetes. She is sick with a sinus, ear, stomach flu, and upper respiratory infection as well. She needs a miracle touch from God. I have another daughter with an abscessed tooth.
  • Please pray for me. Please keep our family in your prayers. Thank you. May God continually bless the ministry and all of you and your loved ones. Amen in Jesus name.
    Noah W.
  • Please pray for all my other prayers requests and prayer for Mrs. Sexton and the family. Pray for Salvation of everyone who is ever been apart of my life or I talk to or cross paths in any way that isn't saved. Pray that God will give me the peace that he hear and will answer my prayers at His timing. Pray that he will give contentment if don't want to date or get married. Pray for all church members that have lost loved ones and those with medical conditions.
    Nathaniel S
  • Please pray for me. My son, Michael, his wife, Marissa and their 2 daughters for salvation, Lucy and Lorelai. Also, there are people here who get into my apartment when I am gone, who seem to have a key for it. Might be people who work here, the grocery store across the street has a key making machine (self-service), because some of my things are disappearing after I go out. I think these people need prayer for salvation and me for protection. I have been praying for them for a quite a while now and would appreciate your prayers over this also. Thank you.
    Geneva S
  • I am a saved man by the shed blood of Christ Jesus our Lord and savior. I have followed since a small boy and as an almost 50 year old man I have a hole so deep inside me that it’s difficult to even pray and read anymore. All the brothers I once had in my life are gone, I struggle to find a home church. I don’t know what to ask for prayer. Bless each of you, Thanks.
  • Nephew, 9 yo, was in a bad car accident. He is hospitalized with severe burns all over his body. His body is rejecting the new skin they have put on his back and buttocks. The skin needs to heal so they can progress further with other treatments.
    Charlene D.
  • Please pray for me. I am not able to work due to my illness that occurred in 2022. However, I thank God for I am better now. Please keep me in your prayers and that I will soon be able to work.
    Lucy H.
  • Please pray for my husband. He needs deliverance and to be set free from alcohol, smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Also, he has an addiction to pornography. Please pray for me as I need healing of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Thank you so much.
    Anna C.
  • Please pray for me. Join me in prayer according to Ephesians 6:12 for my lost wife and co-workers and Vivian Khancy for her bitterness towards me.
    Lamont H.
  • This coming Wednesday my lawyer will meet with the judge to see if I got bankruptcy. Please ask the Lord to make it possible that we can still keep the house.
  • Please pray for me. Please add my name to your prayer list. I have 3 unsaved siblings: Becky, Bonnie, and Arthur. We each grieve Mama Elaine's death (promotion to glory) on November 2 at 91 and 10 months. I trust you use this enclosure for the many who suffer in darkness of the soul.
    Cynthia S.
  • Please pray for me. Pray for my family to experience God's presence all the time and for the angels of the Lord to protect them and to keep them in perfect peace. To be able to give more and have our own business. Pray for wisdom, health and finances. Pray for healing of also of my son. Thank you.
    Barbara B.
  • I would like prayer for true direction in my life that i would be able to find ways to fophil my time for God's sake that I would be able to have gods desires for me.
  • Please pray for me. Pray for my sister who is 76 years old. She is very sick.
    Martha P.
  • My health and strength.and I am blessed with a home and property
  • Complete heal from covid Thank you forever always In Jesus name
  • My mother to be able to control her diabetes. For her physical and mental status.
    Angel G
  • Please pray for a gentleman who is terminally ill. He is not saved. Please pray for his salvation and please pray for his health. Thanks so much.
  • Please pray for me. The two brothers (Gene and James) were killed in an airplane crash on their ranch in Texas on 1/29/24. Please pray for the salvation of their children.
    Bonnie R
  • from
  • Please pray for me. Pray for my wife, Geneva, 82 y/o who is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on Feb. 12th. Please pray that she will do well and that the surgery will go well so she will have a good result.
    James M.
  • Our family navigating our way through great brokenness and loss. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️✝️