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  • Theodore, Katherine, Leah, Eric. These four young people listening to secular urban formatted radio stations in 4 major cities one summer were unexpectedly confronted with a startling message. The music and sexually explicit talk shows were interrupted by two-minute testimonies of young men and women whose lives had been transformed through faith in Jesus Christ! At the end of the testimony, listeners were invited to call a toll-free phone number to learn how they, too, could be “free from the weight of sin.” Counselors trained and supported by Need Him National Media Outreach, Inc. were available to answer calls 24/7. Theodore, Katherine, Leah and Eric were among those who called and prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.

    While Free Indeed continues to be heard daily on over 3,100 radio stations, plans are being considered for future outreach opportunities on secular radio. The expense is considerable, but the rewards are eternal. There is no more powerful means of communicating the gospel than through a personal testimony—the account of what God has done in an individual’s life. Now the impact of an UNSHACKLED! testimony is available in a compelling, contemporary two-minute radio feature that is pleasing to the ear and convicting to the heart.

    Free Indeed is designed as a daily (M-F) feature and is available via FTP Download and Amb-Os satellite. To begin receiving Free Indeed, please complete and return the enclosed form. For more information, contact UNSHACKLED! Station Relations at 312-492-9410 or e-mail:

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  • Guidelines For Broadcast Of Free Indeed

  • To The Broadcaster:

    If you are in agreement with these guidelines and desire to broadcast “FREE INDEED”, complete the “Station Information Report” on the opposite side of this sheet, sign this agreement, keep a photo copy for your records, and return the original to: UNSHACKLED!, Pacific Garden Mission, 1458 S. Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60607.


    Replication of “FREE INDEED” programs must be limited to one copy of each program per station library. All station libraries must only be accessible to the station(s) pre-approved to broadcast the program. If you desire to release the program to another affiliate, please contact us.


    The cost of producing and distributing “FREE INDEED” is provided by the gifts of God’s people to Pacific Garden Mission, a homeless shelter founded in 1877. Although a radio drama program is one of the most costly types of programs to produce, PGM never asks for money on “FREE INDEED” Because of our limited resources as a homeless shelter, Pacific Garden Mission does not purchase airtime on domestic radio stations.


    Each “FREE INDEED” program is copyrighted. An approved station may not duplicate the program for any other station or affiliate without written permission of the president of Pacific Garden Mission. Stations airing “FREE INDEED” without permission are violating copyright laws. No portion of an “FREE INDEED” program may be used for any purpose other than as originally intended in its original completed form. “FREE INDEED” in any media format may not be sold, offered as “prizes,” or, in any other way, be assigned a monetary value.


    Because “FREE INDEED” is the copyrighted property of Pacific Garden Mission, it may NOT be edited or altered in any way without written permission of the PGM president. This includes all story content, music, sound effects, and informational announcements.


    Airing stations may find a sponsor for “FREE INDEED” The program is timed to 2:00 minutes. PGM will have no involvement in finding or endorsing a sponsor.

    On-Air Interviews

    The President of Pacific Garden Mission, as well as the UNSHACKLED! / FREE INDEED Program Manager are available for prearranged telephone interviews.

    Program Distribution and Station Libraries

    Media in any format may be retained to build a station library. These programs may then be rebroadcast at a later date according to your own schedule.


    In order to effectively serve our (and your) listeners, we ask that stations respond to our requests for information in a prompt and complete manner, and also notify us if there is any change in your broadcasting schedule that would add, drop, or change the broadcast of UNSHACKLED! or FREE INDEED.


    I agree to abide by the above guidelines for use of the FREE INDEED radio program, as specified by Pacific Garden Mission.

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