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Program #3712 - Aired in 2022 | Pop-out a Player

Michael Swiger Classic

Bitterness, Lies, Prison Ministry  

If you had to choose between telling the truth and saving your brother, what would you do? Michael Swiger faced that dilemma, and we'll hear about the consequence of his choice.another true dramatization on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3609 - Aired in 2020 | Pop-out a Player

Jeanette Schneider

Abuse, Mental Llness, Prison Ministry  

Is heaven real to you? Jeanette Schneider found the answer to that question. She spent her life with her heart on fire to share the answers she had found. Despite a life of abuse, conflict and danger, she devoted her life to holding out a lifeline to others! Hear her true story on the next UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3450 - Aired in 2017 | Pop-out a Player

Charlie Koch Pt 2

Accident, Prison Ministry  

Nothing stopped Charlie Koch from telling the secret of his success-not multiple accidents or even divorce. He even went into prison, voluntarily. Don't miss his inspiring true testimony, a dramatization on UNSHACKLED!