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Program #3780 - Aired in 2023 | Pop-out a Player

The Temblor Classic (4th of July episode)

Independence Day, Leadership, Pride  

Trapped in a canyon following an earthquake, highly-vocal leaders pit themselves against one another, failing to serve the group. What would it take for them to learn their views lack perspective? And how would an unborn baby be used to humble their pride? Find out in this exciting Independence Day Classic, right now on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3728 - Aired in 2022 | Pop-out a Player

“Independence Day” Classic

Liberty, Life, Revolution  

In a country ravaged by war, a young guerrilla solider becomes a fugitive. With the government out hunting him down, the young man sought sanctuary in a mission station to mend his wounds. It was there that he came to see how many wars and movements had failed to deliver peace and prosperity, and the true liberty of Jesus. Don't miss this Independence Day Classic, on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3520 - Aired in 2018 | Pop-out a Player

A Nation Under God

Freedom of Religion, Independence Day, Patriotism  

We were an experiment that had never been tried before. One nation under God, still defending our liberties today from those who would do us harm-even some from within. Join us for this special Independence Day episode. on the next UNSHACKLED!