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Program #3559 - Aired in 2019 | Pop-out a Player

Michael Germi

False Religion, Good Works, Islam  

Newscasts regularly show Muslim crowds shouting "Death to America." Is there hope that any of these people can change? Once part of that chanting crowd, one young man's life shows change can occur. Listen to the true-life story of Michael Germi all on the next UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3476 - Aired in 2017 | Pop-out a Player

“Abdulredha” Classic

Good Works, Islam  

As a Middle Eastern Muslim trained as a religious leader, Abdul arrives in England to convert Christians. His plan takes him into churches, where he debates the tenets of the Christian faith. Will he face success or failure. or both? You'll discover that on the next real-life episode of UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3428 - Aired in 2016 | Pop-out a Player

Louis Rold

Good Works, Self-Reliance  

Sometimes we wonder what happens to someone who has a close call with death. Does it change them and make them a better person? Do they accomplish something of great importance? Louis Rold nearly lost his life several times. You can hear his story and what ultimately became of him on this episode of UNSHACKLED!