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Program #3833 - Aired in 2024 | Pop-out a Player

“Hijack” Classic

4th of July, Abduction, Freedom, Independence Day, Rebellion  

Ray and Mary Carney embark on a fun 4th of July holiday excursion in their new motorhome. However, early on in their trip they are abducted by 2 fugitives on the run evading certain jailtime. Over the course of their journey Ray and Mary help the fugitives understand what real freedom and liberty look like.and it is only found in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


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Program #3780 - Aired in 2023 | Pop-out a Player

The Temblor Classic (4th of July episode)

Independence Day, Leadership, Pride  

Trapped in a canyon following an earthquake, highly-vocal leaders pit themselves against one another, failing to serve the group. What would it take for them to learn their views lack perspective? And how would an unborn baby be used to humble their pride? Find out in this exciting Independence Day Classic, right now on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3676 - Aired in 2021 | Pop-out a Player

“The Fisherman” 4th of July Classic

Faith Questions, Fear, Freedom, Patriotism  

A holiday fishing excursion brings together an unlikely group of people. But when they face an unexpected storm.will their 4th of July ever be the same? Find out on the next UNSHACKLED!