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Program #3564 - Aired in 2019 | Pop-out a Player

Lionel Mayell

2nd Chances, Financial Ruin, Prosperity  

A 5'2" man from an unstable home proved that he could be a giant in the business world. He made millions, only to lose his family and his fortune during the Great Depression. Would he get another chance to rebuild his life? Find out when we bring you the true story of Lionel Mayell, soon, on UNSHACKLED!


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Program #3533 - Aired in 2018 | Pop-out a Player

Stephen Welch

2nd Chances, Backsliding, Idolatry  

He thought he had it all. And over time, he lost it all. Learn how this successful businessman would go from riches to rags to a richness of a different kind. You'll hear it all as we bring you the true story of Stephen Welch on the next UNSHACKLED!