Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for me for healing, courage and increased faith in God. I recently got COVID19 and recovered from it but I still have chest pains.
  • Please prayer for my wife Shawn's salvation and for healing and restoration of our marriage.
  • Please pray that God would change my heart to truly love and serve Him, and free me from past bondage
  • Please Pray for my daughter Sandy to receive Jesús as her Savior, and to be delivered from weed and alcohol.
  • I need your prayers for healing and restored health. I had a surgical procedure done in 2008 for weight loss. My esophagus is spasming in 3 places.
    Cheryl R.
  • Please pray for the salvation of Alvin G. Jr, Steven G., Michael G., Monique A., Taylor G. and Lee Ann.
    Troy G.
  • Please pray for my father Robert, he has been diagnosed with cancer in his neck an up toward his ear. The Doctor said that they would cut the larynx and something else which could possibly paralyze his one side. So he has declined the operation and is going to UC Medical Center in San Fran.
    Carol B.
  • Please pray for revival and peace in Memphis as we deal with gun violence and crime.
  • Please pray for me, I am struggling with a separation and divorce. I am a Christian and hurting my witness. I can’t cope and have had to contact my doctor for medication. I feel like I am in chains.