Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for me and my four precious sons to love Jesus with their hearts. Thank you.
  • Please pray for me. I am thinking about resigning from my current job. Please pray that I will be able to get a job somewhere else. Please pray that I will not worry and pray that I will fully trust the Lord even without a job. Thank you.
  • Please pray for Joe, my husband (he is 79 years old) who is unsaved! Pray for me as I have started a ladies Bible study in my house. Several people in the bible study are unsaved. Please pray for all of them. Love your ministry, pray DAILY for it.
  • Please pray for me. Pray that I, with God's grace, would be able to fight waves of depression; for Christ to allay fears of the economy and for the longsuffering and patience that it has taken to care for my mom with dementia. Please pray for Elaine, my mother, who has dementia, trouble with balance, and the flu.
  • Complete healing for a gentleman involved in serious motorcycle accident. Pray that his brain is not dead. THANK YOU GOD in JESUS CHRIST Amen!
  • Please pray for healing.
  • Restoration of my relationship between my daughter and myself. Favor before God for myself and my daughter Atwine. Atwine to excel in all areas if her life.
  • Please pray God that heals me from a life-threatening experience, that I’m safe from the person responsible and he’s held accountable, and Jesus saves him. Thank you. God bless you!
  • Please pray that I might have better Christian friends around me and that I would have an opportunity to see my family soon. God bless you all!
  • Pray for the problems that I am currently experiencing. Thank you and God Bless!
  • Pray that God would help our family to clearly understand His Word, live it out, and not be deceived by Satan's lies. Thank you and God richly bless you.
  • This is a praise report and a prayer request. It's an update from a previous prayer request. My husband is disabled. I'm his caregiver. We only have until the end of this month to get another home or we will be homeless. Previously I requested prayer that we would be able to remain in our home until the end of the month. Thankfully the judge agreed because we did pay the rent for September. We're not being evicted for not paying rent. We're being evicted after our new landlord said he wants to tear down our home. However, now we only have 15 days to get another place. We found another home, but we don't have the deposit money. I'm working as hard as I can to earn it. I can only do remote work though due to my husband's health needs. I've also applied for grants. Please pray that I'll be earn the money we need for the deposit asap. Otherwise we may end up living in our car. I think that would destroy my husband's health.
  • Please pray for Rose to be healed of blood blockage to her heart and healing in her back. Thanks for your prayers!
  • Please pray for my faith-- that I would always put God first and that I would remain pure before Him. Also pray for my current circumstances and that God would make things better. Thank you!
  • Please pray for God's will in the midst of my legal troubles.
  • Please pray that God would grant deliverance from extreme pain. In Christ's name, AMEN!
    The William's Family
  • Please keep me and my ministry in Uganda in prayer. We are currently looking after more than 50 children and seeking the means to provide housing in the midst of hardship and lack of resources. Please pray that God would intervene and meet our needs, as only He can do!
  • deseo recibir pedidos de oración (please pray for me)
  • That God’s will would be manifested in my life and in my friends’ lives for His glory. Please also pray that God’s purpose would be furthered in my ministry.
  • I suffer from anxiety– please pray that these fears will stop and that I will be at peace– fearless in God’s love. Pray that God would comfort and protect me every day. Thank you!
  • Please pray that God would perform a miracle of hope, mercy, and healing in my life and delivers me from my suffering. Please pray that he would guide me, comfort me, and give me mighty hope and faith. That God would heal me as well and that His will would come to fruition in my life.
  • Please pray for me, that God would intervene in my favor with my job. I’ve been in this position for over 15 years, but I’m feeling very overlooked and underpaid. Please pray that God will open up doors for me if I decide to leave. Thank you!
  • My wife and I are having a real difficult time trying to be at peace with our neighbor who lives above us. (we live in a tri-plex in the high desert of California) Every night he smokes all kinds of legal and illegal drugs. The odor and stench come through the walls, and we gag and cough all night long. We get very little sleep night after night. It's unbearable. The property managers do nothing to help the situation. At least not yet. I have sleep apnea and a pacemaker, and my wife has health issues as well. We are literally being killed by our neighbor's addiction. Please pray for us.
  • Defeat of the enemies of God, who prey upon the innocent. Asking that all of their schemes of witchcraft be totally broken and dissolved.
  • Please pray for this situation that I've found myself in. Pray for peace and deliverance.
  • Please pray for these things: 1) the end of division amongst our Christian congregations 2) that God stops people who are attempting to take away our property that has been dedicated to doing ministry, 3) that God ends child sex trafficking; 4) that God will put politicians who fear and obey Him in office this next election, 5) for Unshackled and Pacific Garden Mission. Thank you!
  • Please pray for our daughter and her job. She has found herself in a toxic workplace. Pray that God would guide her through such a tough situation-- especially her situation with her boss. Pray that a new, better job would come along with higher pay and a community of nice people. In Jesus's name, AMEN!
  • Please pray for me and my husband. He is disabled and we are facing eviction. We have court call on Thursday and court appearance on Monday. Since we already paid the rent for September please pray the judge will have mercy on us and let us remain the rest of the month. And also pray we will find a new home asap. Thanks.
  • Would you please pray God heals a single mom hospitalized since last week? Her children need desperately miss her and need her. Thanks and may God bless you all for praying.
  • Please pray for employment. For a job where I can be blessed and be a blessing.
  • Please pray for me-- especially for patience and healing. Thank you!
  • Please ask the Lord to help us get bankruptcy protection.
  • My mom Patricia, my brother Jon, and my son Jon Christian for protection against all evil influences
  • Please join me with all of your prayers. I am experiencing difficulty with God's calling for me, and I need God's truth and the prayers of fellow believers. Your prayers mean a lot to me!
  • Please pray that God would help our country! Thank you and God Bless!