Prayer Band List

  • I need prayers for my health. I have an immune disease that affects my skin with eczema and sores. It affect my ability to work steady hours.
    Stephen S.
  • Please pray for my wife's health. Her name is Phyllis, she will be having surgery in a few weeks. Pray for God's healing and wisdom for the doctors.
  • Pray for Steve, Hashim, and Jeremiah for salvation. Pray for the family of a dentist who passed away recently. Pray for the homeless and maimed in San Francisco for housing, health, and salvation.
    Carmela S.
  • Pray for Won Kim for healing of his prostate, and Jill for healing of her lungs.
  • Pray for the Philippines.
    Venus D.
  • Pray for healing for Brandon, Danny, and Stanley from cancer, and David's knee. Also, pray for wisdom, for my pastor and for Brandon and Chelsea to find an apartment.
    Arlene A.
  • Pray for my salvation in Jesus.
    John S.
  • Pray for my family to yield their hearts to God and receive salvation.
    Ethel L.
  • Please pray for my health and my family's salvation.
    Caroline L.
  • Please pray for my sons, they are struggling with alcohol addictions.
    Amy S.
  • Pray for Jason & Dawn to receive salvation. Pray for their marriage, and their 3 children.
  • Prayer for continued success in my detox from pain killers.
    Thomas K.
  • Please pray that the Lord will increase my financial resources.
    Richard D.
  • Tests have revealed a mass in my husband, Glen's body. Please pray that God will surround us with His peace as we travel this new medical journey, and that the results from the test would be encouraging. And to help us grow our faith at this uncertain time.
  • Pray for my sister's to receive God's help with personal problems and pray for me.
    Robert M.
  • Please pray for Suzie and her daughter who has advanced cancer.
    Michael W.
  • Please pray for my husband Jerry who had a stroke and pray for my health as well.
    Isabel P.
  • Pray for me, I am saved but homeless for 10 years at 73 years of age with no strength left to fight and not sure I want to fight anymore.
    Daniel C.
  • Please pray for Chuck E. who has a health situation.
    David T.
  • Pray for Mary N. who broke her arm, and is being treated for cancer and needs to be set free from alcohol and cigarettes.
    Lenore D.
  • Pray for Amber's substance abuse issues and for her mother who struggles with dyslexia and anxiety attacks.
    Lenore D.
  • Prayer for those who contribute to the work of the Lord, that their lives would be blessed physically and spiritually.
  • Prayer for safety for Jim & Maryann G. & Marie W..
    Marie W.
  • Pray for my family and 4 children, Stephanie, Alex, Nick & Tommy for unity among us. We are praying whether to move to Chicago to be with family.
  • Prayer for healing from diabetes, eye problems, and for arthritis in back, legs.
  • Prayers for healing in her body from cellulitus in her legs, for a financial blessing, and for marriage to a Godly man.
  • Please pray for my friend Nathan & his girlfriend.
    Kathleen L.
  • Please pray for Kris S. who is incarcerated.
    John H.
  • - Prayer for healing of injuries after car accident two years ago and a way for me to be in service even though I am housebound.
    Melissa T.
  • Please pray for my brother Jim who is suffering from a leaky heart valve. Please pray for the doctors hands that his surgery is successful.
  • Please pray that the Lord strengthens my faith and guides me. Pray for my families salvation.
    Kaeleigh T.
  • Please pray for me and my family. We are followers of Jesus who have ministered for 20-years and now are struggling with prosperity.
    Marc B.
  • Pray for clarity of thought from the Lord for the surgeons evaluating my Brother Robert's brain damage.
    Steven B.
  • Please pray that my sister, 2 nephews, niece & 2 great-nieces, will be saved.
    David T., II
  • Pray for Tami to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.
    Steven G.
  • Please pray for Kris H. who has been incarcerated many years.
    John H.
  • Pray for my daughter Courtney who is scheduled for a high risk spinal lesion biopsy and possibly Kyphoplasty surgery.
    Kathleen B.
  • Prayer for the family of Billie J. W. Heather, and for everyone at Caplan Glass that God's will be done.
  • Prayer for strength and health of family.
    J. Mohammadi
  • Please prayer for my daughter, Martha Grace, who was born with kidney disease and is currently undergoing dialysis.
    Jennifer R.
  • Please pray for my wife as she has given up on our marriage.
    Fabian C.
  • Please pray for Robert and his family for faith, strength, peace, and assurance in the Lord's provision!
    Robert D.
  • Please Pray that God would lead me to a Christ centered Bible preaching Church, I want to leave the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses of which I have been with for over 56 years of my life.
    Lyman C.
  • Please pray that my health improves due to a car accident.
    Lenore D.
  • Please pray that my health and my finances improve.
    Velma P.
  • Please pray for my daughter Sharon and family members to be saved.
    Angela C.
  • Please pray for my nephew Steve, who is reconnecting with a former wife; she is a non-believer.
  • Pray for my daughter Sheryl, who is currently dealing with a very serious illness.
  • Prayer for my salvation, I long to know God.
  • Please pray for my daughter Melanie who has no desire to live, and who suffers from coronary disease. She is in need of a job that can sustain her and medical insurance.
    Ann P.
  • Please pray for my daughter and in-laws to come back together as a family soon.
    James T.
  • Prayer for Kim P.
  • Prayer for son, Reuben, for deliverance from anxiety, anger, bitterness and for assurance of salvation.
    Flora G.
  • Prayer for Cynthia Lombert for healing from blindness in one eye resulting from a stroke.
  • Prayer for financial strength concerning recent bills for house repairs.
    Kathy Cote
  • Prayer for nephew, Luke M.
    Mila T.
  • Prayer for Cal G., Ameyll's family and for Kent A. a heart transplant survivor.
    Cal S.
  • Prayer for the family of Billie J. Wells, Heather, and everyone at Caplan Glass.
    Tom B.
  • Prayer for financial strength to endure a difficult grain harvest season.
    Carolyn A.
  • Pray with me that God would change my sinful life.
    Decontee T.
  • Pray for Tami's salvation and my wise counsel concerning her living on our Farm.
    Steven G.