Prayer Band List

  • Pray for my deliverance from alcohol. Am saved but struggling.
    Helena J. from S. Burlington, VT
  • Please pray God blesses a sex trafficking seminar at our church Dec. 8 to set sex slaves free and keep others from becoming victims & heal all affected by this horrible sin. Thank you and God bless you always! Hallelujah!
  • Please pray for my daughter's ex-stepmother. She has been taken over by the meth and was just arrested on burglary charges.
  • Please pray for my friend Shawn. He has over extended his welcome with most friends and all of his family. I am unable to care for his needs. All I can do is ask for prayer that he may be saved and healed. Thank you.
  • Praise God! He answered your prayers and gave us safe journeys & enjoyment. Thank you praying.
  • Please pray God grants us safe journeys & enjoyment in Him as we travel. Thank you &God bless you always.
    Gerald K.
  • Please pray for direction, healing, unity and togetherness in my marriage and my whole family.
  • Pray for my daughter in law's heart, protection for my family, my husband, my Mom and Sister.
    Debra B.
  • Pray for deliverance from addiction to porn.
  • Pray for my deliverance, peace and spiritual growth. Pray for the abusive officers at this prison.
    Eric from Gatesville, TX
  • Please pray for healing and unity for my whole family, Richard, me, Amanda, Andrew, Melody and Alexander.
  • Pray for healing.
  • Pray for my Marriage
    Elijah H.
  • Pray for deliverance from alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Please pray for salvation for my unbelieving family; Jocelyn, Jennifer, Cirila, and Estela.
    George M.
  • Please pray that my marriage will be restored and that I will become a better man and husband.
  • Please pray for my father-in-law, Thomas. He is battling lung cancer and recently had a fall which perforated his bowel. His white blood count is critically low from the cancer and chemo therapy so they are unable to do surgery to repair it. The doctor doesn't think he will live past the weekend. God is able to heal him, please pray and believe with us. Please also pray for his salvation. Thank you.
  • Pray for the restoration of my eyesight and the health of my mother.
    Jason L.
  • Please pray that I would find a job.
    Ruben F. Q.
  • Please pray God blesses our family abundantly in our finances, health, and relationships with Him. Thank you and God bless you always.
  • Please pray for my father-in-law, Thomas. He is battling lung cancer. At his most recent Dr. visit he was told that if he went into Hospice he would only have weeks to live. He is going to do chemo and radiation therapy. Please pray that God will remove this cancer from his body and more importantly, please pray for Thomas' salvation. Also, please pray for his wife (Susan) who is having a difficult time with all of this.
  • Pray for salvation for parents, step grandmother, and friends T, Y, T, G, and C.
  • Pray for John K.
    John K.
  • Pray that God heals and restores my marriage and that my children come back Richard, Amanda, Andrew, Melody and Alexander.
  • Pray for freedom and chains to be broken for our 24 year old son, Josh, who has a 5 year addiction to an over-the-counter drug. He is a believer. Thank you so much.
  • My sister goes to court on Thursday, pray that we don't lose the house.
  • Please pray for me for unwavering faith.
    George M.
  • Please pray that I would desire to repent. Thank you
  • Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for Zach, he's coming home from the hospital. Please pray for complete healing. Hallelujah!
    Gerald K
  • Pray God heals Zach who's on the way to the hospital. Thank you and God bless you for praying.
  • Pray for my son for direction, my child's father that he turns from his abusive ways. Pray for me to humble myself and stay out of troubles and speak only the truth. Pray for my daughter's health and wisdom. Pray for my parents and siblings that they have a forgiving heart. Pray for our salvation.
    Cinnamon M.
  • Please pray God blesses me to my finish term paper which is due Tuesday. Thank you and God bless your families always.