Prayer Band List

  • Pray for me and my family of 9, we are in a financial strain. I am working two jobs and my wife is working but we seem to be drowning financially.
    David A.
  • Pray for peace and that the Lord would guide me through the difficult time in my life.
    Greg S.
  • Pray for me to get saved before Jesus comes back.
  • My wife and I have a long distance, marriage. I live in Wisconsin, and she lives in Arkansas. Neither one of us, has trusted God, to make the move, to either State. My wife, has chosen to file for a divorce. Please pray, that our precious Lord, will give me peace and grace, to endure this heavy trial. Please pray for my wife's heart not be hardened to me.
    Harry G.
  • Please pray that we can keep the house, we have to file for bankruptcy.
  • Please keep Rita and her family in your prayers.
    Lori M
  • Pray for God to open a door so I can move close to my daughter, son-in-law , granddaughters.
  • Pray for my family & friends, the situations in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican and American Government. Also, pray for President Donald Trump.
    Jeanette C.
  • Please pray for my spiritual strength.
  • Please pray for me, I work in a place where I am the only Christian.
  • Please pray for my wife's recovery.
    David S.
  • Pray for the comfort and strength for the family of Eddie C, who recently passed away.
  • Please pray for my 3 sons: Isaac, Gabe & Joshua and my 12 grandchildren to be delivered from evil and deception and to hear and obey God.
    Sheila C.
  • Tim is one of our UNSHACKLED! writers , and his wife is preparing for two surgeries on Thursday, September 26th. Please pray that all goes well with her surgeries and that the peace of God would prevent them from feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or fearful during this time.
    Tim W.
  • Pray for my marriage and that God would deliver me from these strongholds that has kept me bound.
  • Pray for salvation for my husband, sister, 2 sons, niece, brother and mom.
  • Pray for Andy and Patti's restoration and deliverance.
    Dan & January
  • Pray for deliverance and healing of emotional wounds and physical pain.
  • Pray for my deliverance from anger.
    Debra A.
  • Pray for my High School.
    Silas L.
  • Pray for Law Enforcement for their eternal salvation and protection.