Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for my classmates.
  • Please pray for my daughter Sarah for God's wisdom and healing. and my provisions.
    Bruce B.
  • Please pray for my mom Gloria, she has terminal cancer and is in a hospice facility.
    Thomas H.
  • Please pray for Mark's breathing problems and my health.
  • Please pray for Gary as he is battling with ADHD.
  • Pray for Todd's salvation and deliverance from drugs and for the restoration of our marriage.
  • Please for Andy's health issues and for the Preschooler with corona virus.
    Dave U.
  • Please pray for me that I would recommit my life to Jesus.
    Theresa J.
  • Pray for my sons Joel and Jesse to be saved and delivered from drugs. Pray also for my sister Eva and Gloria and their kids Ronnie, Joaquin, Colister. Raymond and Freddy Jr who's in prison for life.
    Ruben H.
  • Pray for our health problems.
    Lloyd and Sharon
  • Pray for me and my brother Donald.
  • Please pray for my mom who has inoperable cancer and is in much pain.
    Tom H.
  • Please pray for my faith in God to increase as we get through these troubled times.
  • Please pray for my vision, I have a retina issue that may need surgery.
  • Pray for me to be saved and transformed so I stop stealing and doing drugs.
    Terry J.
  • Please pray for my Gospel Tract Ministry, I need money to send tracts out.
    Rodney C.
  • Please pray for me about patience and my travel out of town to see a Doctor.
    Jonathan O.
  • Please pray for my family to be saved.
    Caroline from New York
  • Pray for me that I would have peace with God through Jesus Christ.
    James F.
  • Please pray for Amber, who is in S. Illinois.
    David T.
  • Please pray that I would be saved and surrender my life to God to have peace and joy.
    Robin S.
  • Please pray for my health issues.
  • Please pray that God will strengthen my faith and give me peace.
    Charles B.
  • Please pray for my grandfather, sister and her son's salvation. Also, pray for me because I need God's will in my life.
    Emily-Ann D.
  • Please pray for me in my journey to receive salvation in Jesus.
    Amber B.
  • Pray for my husband Robert's salvation.
    Barbara S.
  • Kimberly is disabled and desperately seeking a Christian community to connect with. Please pray for healing, strength, wisdom, support, and faith during this time.
    Kimberly S.
  • Pray for the salvation of Christine, Ralph, Jr., Clint, Vanessa, Sophia & Josephine.
    David T.
  • Please pray for restoration of my life in Jesus Christ.
    Daniel K.
  • Pray for my brother Robert, he's going to the hospital emergency room because of his heart condition. Please pray for his salvation and healing.
    Miracle D.
  • Please pray that God strengthens my faith to remain faithful to His word.
    Justin B.