Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for my husband Glen who has yet another medical test to help find out why he hasn’t felt well since getting a heart stent in Jan. Please pray that God would provide a good outcome and ease his anxiety.
  • My mother in law who has dementia
  • My son, Kevin, he’s very sick with Chrons disease (Severe case)
  • Please pray for me. I'm in need of a miracle. Thank you.
    Clarice H.
  • Please pray for my mother.
    Kahani M.
  • Please pray for me. I wanted so much to quit the Mexican Mafia but I am so scared that they would kill me. I need strength to do this. Also, please pray for my daughter, Amaya. She is not happy that God is not removing evil in the world. She has so many questions that I could not answer because I am a new believer in Christ. Please pray for me and for her. thank you.
  • Jillian, my (teen granddaughter), who has decided she wants to be a trans. Please pray for salvation and protection from the enemy.
    Cathy B
  • Homeless mentally ill people. Please pray they become independent, prosperous, productive, rehabilitated, intelligent, careful, resourceful, . Please pray they are protected, given standard housing, treated respectfully, treated civilly and gently with compassion
    Phyllisq B
  • a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit and the enablement to understand the Holy Spirit voice and to be obedient to Him at the time of Him speaking
    Noor L.
  • Amanda, motorcycle accident, severe injuries
    Charles R.
  • Debra, upcoming surgery for knee replacement surgery. She's in extreme pain.
    Charles E Reyer
  • Asking prayer for my brother, Mark, who was saved, but isn’t right now. He needs his faith in God to be renewed and refreshed that GOD IS REAL, and all the questions and events that have discouraged and wearied him recently can be answered through Christ becoming his Saviour again. God spared his life during 3 car accidents so I ask God to reveal Himself to my brother by His love & grace to save him and forgive Mark’s rejection! God bless you all for your faithful prayers for God’s people! I appreciate your prayers in addition to mine. Amen.
  • Asking prayer for Anthony R. and his sister Elizabeth and all their Family that GOD will save them all from sin and bondage. They are both my childhood friends and Anthony especially has been through a lot because of being in and out of jail for the past 10-20 years now. He is broken, weighed down with so much stress and trauma that only GOD can break through and penetrate all of the darkness he has experienced. Please, Heavenly Father save them and deliver them and their families in Jesus name I ask and pray. Thank you people of God for your faithful prayers, Amen.
  • Please remember my landlords who are Muslim. Asking God to intervene in their lives for salvation and deliverance. Help my husband and I to be good examples of Christ so they can see and know that God is real! Help me, LORD, to be a better example to my coworkers at work because I haven’t been very good or successful in that area. I don’t want to block people from seeing Jesus, but do desire to help others to Christ. Amen.
  • Please pray 1) that daughter to be delivered from occult to Jesus, 2) for end of division within our church congregation, 3) for end of current war, 4) that wife and I pay off all debts this year.
    Al L.
  • After 25yrs of marriage, our divorce is almost final. Please pray for a miracle from God. We have three children. I’m heart-broken and really struggling. We’ve had a long marriage of sometimes good times, but a lot of bad times. There’s been addiction and abuse and all kinds of dysfunction. Our kids have also suffered so much. Thank you for your prayers.
    Alex A.