Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for my broken family. I am asking the Lord to help Pete and I reconcile. Depression and fear have stolen him from us. I pray God will heal his heart and mind and guide him back home.
    Laura T S
  • I found myself waking up with anxiety every morning, I am afraid and fearful of many things. I want to find peace and I want to trust God with all my heart.
    Daisy R.
  • Prayer for salvation and hope, I'm living out of my car.
  • Please pray for my friend that doesn’t believe in God. Please pray that she will receive Him into her heart for salvation.
    K. S.
  • Please pray for me, I am a diabetic and my health is not good. Please pray for my wife, Jan and my children Maggie and John, Jr.
    John D.
  • Please pray for me and my children Diana Gabriela, Christopher Gabriel and Kamila Pilar, that God would protect them and that they will know Jesus.
    Darwin P.
  • Please pray for my daughter Carli, I haven't heard from her in over a week, she's using drugs. Pray for her salvation and deliverance.
    Carl D.
  • I’ve been in church all my life, and I’m now 42 and I’ve never felt so far away from Him. Please pray for me so I can find my way back or maybe I never did.
    Daniela R.
  • Please pray for a friend who was recently a victim of an armed robbery. She has had a number of health issues as well. Please pray for her salvation and her health.
  • Please Pray for God to grant us wisdom, and help us find the right lender and be approved or grant us the credit needed to be approved to use my VA loan.
    David T.
  • Please pray for a heart condition the doctors told me I have, clogged arteries and leak in aortic valve.
  • Please pray for my salvation and deliverance from demonic oppression.
    Renee H.