Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for my lower back pain.
    J.F. Kratochvil
  • Please pray for Robin that her pains may go away.
    Michael W.
  • Please pray for me, I am disabled and my two children, we need God's guidance and protection.
    Mamie M.
  • Pray for me and my family to have a closer relationship with Christ and to remain grounded in the faith of God.
  • Pray for my daughters Ashley and Allison we have not communicated in months.
    Robert S.
  • Please pray for GOD to save my sister, 2 nephews, niece & 2 great-nieces.
    David T.
  • Pray for reconciliation with my wife and for her salvation.
    Ruben Q.
  • Please pray for my marriage, my wife and I are separated.
    Anthony L.
  • Pray for healing for my wife Carla. Cancer has returned to her body and surgery is schedule on 12/10/2019.
    Jaime G.
  • Pray for my son to come to salvation in Jesus. Pray for my many health issues and that my spirit would stay encouraged through these difficulties.
    Arlen D.
  • Pray for Miranda and her girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for greater faith in Jesus. Salvation for family and Bret to stop using drugs.
  • Pray for the salvation of my four children, Elizabeth, Andy, David and Ben.
    Shelley A.
  • Please pray for my Brother Harry and my friend Paul and Richard for deliverance from drugs and alcohol.
    Gus L.
  • I have eye diseases that threaten blindness. Please pray for God's healing and for the restoration of the eye sight I have already lost.
    Barbara T.
  • Pray for us (parents) and our children. Rochelle has mental illness along with post traumatic stress, Shannon has health problems. Please pray for God's help and financial blessings for our family.
    Barbara T.
  • Pray for the children being kidnapped here in the Philippines and for those that are kidnapping them. The organs of these kidnapped children and teens are sold in the black market and their bodies are dumped elsewhere. Pray for God's divine intervention that this would stop.
  • Pray for God to help my dad as he seeks income for our family.
  • Pray for my spiritual strength.
  • Please pray for peace and salvation for me and family.
    Roberto S.
  • Please pray for peace and salvation for me and my family.
    Ryan D.
  • Please pray that I will be delivered from pornography.
    Abigail K.
  • Please pray for my healing and deliverance.
  • Please pray for my niece Kacheria she was recently diagnosed with mental illness and she has 2 young children and is currently homeless.
    Angela H.