Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for my ex-husband Lewis who is a alcoholic and has other addictions.
  • Prayers please for God's mercy on our family.
  • Pray for my brother Paul who is in the Adult Teen Challenge program as he had severe health issues from drugs. Pray for his salvation.
    Jack T.
  • Pray for salvation for my daughter in law Haley.
    Jack T.
  • Pray for my daughter Sarah who is homeless.
    Jack T.
  • Please continue to pray for my son Kevin to get his two children out of foster care and visits with his other daughter August.
    Jack T.
  • I used to be a meth addict, but I have been clean for 2 years and gave my life to Jesus. I am facing 5-10 years in prison. Please pray that the Lord puts it on the judges heart to give me probation instead of sending me to prison. I
    Candace E.
  • Please pray that God will heal me from internal bleeding. .
    Fernell P.
  • I’m a police officer in Missouri. I tore my ACL in my left knee last February and had surgery. Now I’ve hurt my back rehabbing my knee and just trying to get back in shape. Now I’m facing rehab for my back now. I’ve lost so much since 2010 including 2 divorces because I didn’t wait on God. I’ve prayed and cried so many tears and it seems like it doesn’t go past the ceiling. I feel like just giving up. Please pray for healing emotionally and physically.
    Jeffrey K.
  • Please pray for Liliana M. that she can know God and accept Him in her life. Thank you!
    Zoila F.
  • Please pray for my wife, she has always had physical infirmities since she was a child. Now something serious has been found with her eyes. About 3 weeks ago she complained of blurry vision in her right eye. The specialist said this can be either cured by the medicine he gave her hoping it is an viral infection only or it can lead to blindness in both eyes eventually. So I ask you to please pray for her. Her name is Phyllis and she is a believer in Christ. This has been hard on me lately. Thanks. Please pray also for extra finances to be able to pay the rent for February 2019.
  • Pray for eternal salvation, healing and deliverance for Jacob, his kids, my daughter and grandson and myself.
  • Pray for my mental health and for me to overcome sexual strongholds.
  • Please pray for my wife's health problems, our marriage and our financial needs. Thanks
  • Please pray for me, I'm depressed, sometimes I rather die then going on. I pray and pray but nothing happens. Just plain tired, I need help, direction and real friends and a real church family in my life .
  • Prayers please for God's blessings on Shun and Mary as God uses them.
  • Please pray for salvation for a family friend. Thank you so much.
  • I am having stomach problems, pray for me.
    Carol M.
  • Pray for my son Christopher who is away in a behavioral boot camp, my Mom and Dad my 2 other sons and 2 daughters, my sister, my niece and nephew. Pray for me that I may know the Lord one day. Pray for our salvation.
    Kim K.
  • Please pray, as we are, even now, and thereafter, for the eternal soul salvation; and, the physical health, of someone who is scheduled to have an extremely serious, life changing, medical procedure on February 13, 2019. Please pray as well, for the salvation of the medical personnel, and others, GOD has wisely entrusted to care for this individual. May the guiding HAND of the LORD be upon each practitioner, as harmoniously, they administer individually, and collectively, regarding the well-being of this person. Respectfully, thanking you all, in Christ Jesus, for your most welcome fellowship in intercessory prayer. Amen.
    Williams Family