Prayer Band List

  • Pray for a closer walk with the Lord for Sherri, Mindy, Lionel, and Russell.
  • Please pray for me to surrender to Jesus.
    Robin S.
  • Prays for the Pierce family.
  • Pray for my perseverance in serving the Lord and for financial stability during these difficult times.
  • Pray for me to have peace in Christ as I deal with the trauma of violence in my community.
  • Pray for Pastor Jim H. for his health and well being.
  • Please pray for me, I suffer from seizures.
    Renoil S.
  • Please pray for my salvation and deliverance.
    Jessica K.
  • Please pray for my salvation.
    Robin S.
  • Prayer for me that God would save me and deliver me from alcohol abuse.
  • Please pray for our President and Government. Pray for my parents, in-laws, neighbors, and everyone's salvation.
  • Please stand with my family and I as we pray daily for the Body of Christ to love and trust God completely; pray, witness and help others. Pray for God to reach our neighbors that are unsaved.
  • Pray for my family issues of health, finances, and safety.
  • Please pray for the Truck Stop Ministries.
    John E. K.
  • Please pray for my recovery, I have the Corona Virus,
    Ana A.
  • Please pray for John and Sandy's salvation.
    David U.
  • Please pray for my marriage, for reconciliation not divorce.
  • Pray for my salvation and to be freed from my alcohol addiction.
    Elmer L.
  • Please pray for my wife and I, we have health issues and are disabled.
    Rueben W.
  • Please pray for Frank who has covid 19, and Terri and Priscilla who have cancer, and Janet's right hip.
    David U.
  • Please pray that God will give us a breakthrough in our christian school project, Camp David Green Academy in Kenya.
  • Pray for the children's feeding center in Telagana, India.
  • Please pray for my salvation and deliverance from all ungodly distractions.
    Martina U.
  • Pray for Erica going through rehabilitation.
  • Pray for my son Lamont, and daughter Audie's salvation and their health.
  • Pray for my mother Angela, and for her health.
  • Please pray for my marriage and my family.
    Fabian C.
  • Please pray for Sally, Deanna and Larry's brother for their salvation.
    David U.
  • Please pray that Michayla is found and is safe where she is.
    Cathy W.
  • Please pray for my son Sil to be saved by Jesus Christ.
  • Please pray for me that I would grow in my faith and my husband Scott to stop drinking.
    Shelly W.
  • Please pray for Ms. Yanick's salvation and deliverance from drinking, smoking, and drugs.