Prayer Band List

  • Please pray for me and my ministry in Margibi County, Liberia, West Africa.
    Musa K.
  • Please pray for me, my court date is July 14, 2022 at 11:30 am and I'm feeling anxious and wanting to harm myself. Pray that God will have mercy on me.
    T. Gonzales
  • My family recently lost my sister suddenly to an aneurysm while being 25 weeks pregnant. The baby was saved but will remain in NICU until full term. The baby currently has a "brain bleed" and we will not know what kind of problems this might cause in the development process. Pray for healing of both the baby (Lilly Edwards) and my mother (Tracy Jones).
  • Please pray for me, my wife and I divorced because of my cocaine habit. We both want to re-unite and re-marry.
    M. McCray
  • Please pray for my son Clark's salvation, protection, God's mercy and healing of his body and he safely comes home soon.
    Linda B.
  • Pray for the Mission needs, Staff, our Pastors and their & our families.
    Lamont D. H.
  • Pray for Ann B.
    Ngozi F.
  • God, save my wife and our marriage.
  • Please pray for my dear friend John who in his mid-80s and diagnosed with cancer and is now fighting COVID, and for my son who is also battling health issues.
  • Please pray for me and those who are in jail with me. We are seeking to see revival in our land. Many prisoners on our yard have a love for our Lord Jesus Christ, however they are fear-filled instead of faith filled. Many are still struggling with sins: violence, lust, self-righteousness, our old gang lifestyle, and demonic influence. Please pray that God will pour out His Spirit on this yard and He'd draw the prisoners to His Son Jesus Christ and reveal Himself to us through His word.
    M. D. Barrett
  • Pray for my friend, Selena she is fighting drug, alcohol and cigarette addictions. She needs help desperately from Jesus Christ.
    Sumanth S. T.
  • Please pray for me and my son Tyler. Someone is trying to harm us with chemicals, pray for our protection and discernment.
    Jessica A.
  • Please pray for my struggle with alcohol. On my first day detox.
  • I am humbly requesting prayer for my mother, Victoria for healing. She's been confined in the hospital for more than a month now. Please pray that her kidneys and heart will function normally, that she can walk again, and fully recover from all her illnesses.
  • Prayer for internal healing and deliverance from demonic bondages and strongholds in my soul.
    Gavin L. T.
  • Pray for the Pastors that hold to the Gospel truth and Cancer sufferers and their families.
    Lamont H.
  • Please pray for my unsaved love ones salvation and my finances.
    Garry R.
  • Please pray for my daughter Shantel and her husband Richard to have a relationship with Christ and for God to restore their marriage.