Prayer Band List

  • Please pray with me for my healing of my kidney failure related to polycystic kidney disease.
  • Please pray for me, I am up for parole for the 3rd time.
    Regina H.
  • Pray for Mike P. he is scheduled for eye surgery on Nov. 24th.
    David T.
  • Please pray for 2 older friends who have Covid-19.
    Stephen K.
  • Please pray for me that God will give me wisdom to understand His Word. Pray for my dad and step mom, both infected by Covid-19.
    Daisy F.
  • Please pray for healing and restoration and God's grace and mercy.
  • Pray for Ryan and his family who are going through a divorce with children.
  • Please pray for my husband to get saved while he was in prison and my oldest son to get saved.
    Rachel S.
  • Pray for my son and daughter-in-law's salvation and deliverance.
  • I'm addicted to lottery tickets. I need prayer that Christ would help me break the sin of gambling.
  • Please pray for my Daughter in-law to find the gospel truth through Jesus Christ.
    Chris J.
  • Please pray for me that the Lord would increase my faith.
  • Please pray for me to be a channel of blessings to others and that my book will get published by a Christian publisher.
    Vincent W.
  • Please pray for me. My parole has been scheduled for 1/6/2022. Pray for my salvation and healing.
    Danny H.
  • Please pray that I would repent of my sin and to trust God for salvation.
    Robin S.
  • Pray for Michael & Teresa and Michael's brother, they have contracted the Wuhan virus. Thank you!
    David T.
  • Pray for my bother in laws recovery, he had 2 strokes and can't walk.
    Adrion M.
  • Please pray for my cousin Beth who has cancer throughout her body and head.
    Mike C
  • Pray that I would change my heart towards God and repent and be saved.
    Robin S.
  • Please pray for Jeremy, James, Joyce, and me that Gods will would be done with us.
  • Pray for our Country the United States of America to humble ourselves and turn to God. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Pray for the family of those who lost loved ones. Pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Pray for my family and for those who are sick. Pray for my mother and father for their health and deliverance from alcohol addiction.
    Kenneth W.
  • Please pray for healing for Marit and Kristi from their chronic head, back and neck pain and Tammy and Betty's cancer.
  • I would like prayers for my job search and to regain my health and be a mature Christian.
  • Please pray for me, I was charged for a crime I didn't commit.
    Arturo O.
  • Prayer for Pam's family who's grieving over her passing. Doug's mom in hospice with stage 4 liver cancer and his dad who has blood clots.
    Dave U.
  • Asking for prayer for Jonah (10 yrs old). He was recently diagnosed with nerve pain in his arms, hands, & shoulders. It causes him pain to lift up and move his arms. Also asking God to look on his family and encourage him, his brother, his Dad & Mom during this time.
  • Pray for the salvation of the teenagers that are juveniles at a boy's home.
  • Please pray for my 5 year old daughter who was born with only half a brain. Pray for Haylee and Niayah Pagan and their mother to stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs.
    Juan P.
  • Please pray for me to repent and trust God for salvation, I’m struggling with depression and hopelessness. Pray also for my daughter's salvation and healing.
    Robin S.
  • Please pray for my mother, Brigida that God would keep her safe and increase her desire to pray and read the Bible.
    Cipriano A.
  • Please pray for my son Mustapha who has been sick since July of 2018. He suffers from shortness of breath. The doctors can’t come up with any definite diagnosis. As a mother, I have been praying too but I need you to join me in praying for my son’s recovery.
  • Pray for the salvation of my daughter-in-law and saving their marriage.
    Elaine K.
  • Please pray for me, I have many problems.
    Ron S.
  • Please pray for my salvation, I want a relationship with Jesus.
  • Please pray for me, I'm 14 years old and addicted to drugs and alcohol, with 3 felonies and 23 misdemeanor charges.
    Colter B.
  • Please pray for me, I have a 5 yr sentence and would like to be paroled.
    Mike G.
  • Please pray for my salvation and deliverance from crystal meth and that I will get the funds and the courage to come to Chicago to be apart of Pacific Garden Mission's New Life program.