Prayer Band List

  • I ask for prayer for my mom Evelyn. She has Edema in her legs and feet, her kidneys are functioning at 29%. She is diabetic and has a pacemaker.
  • Pray for Alex, my brother’s girlfriend, who is experiencing severe mental health issues. Pray for her salvation and for her two young children.
    Linda B.
  • Pray for my co-worker bobby, he's been diagnosed with stage four sarcoma of the lung, he is not saved.
    Kathy C.
  • Please pray for me that I won't get a life sentence.
    Shaun G.
  • Prayers please for our family to live for Jesus.
  • Please pray for my elderly father, he's in the hospital with COVID.
  • Please pray for my wife, Michelle W. she is in the hospital with a bad infection and her kidneys are failing. She is on dialysis. I can't be there because I live in a nursing home now.
  • Please pray for my dad Roberto C., he is at the hospital with pneumonia and having seizures which led to dementia symptoms.
    Maritza C.
  • Please pray for me and my kids, I'm a mother of 3 having difficulty in my life with work and the kids.
  • Please pray for Tyler's mental, physical and spiritual health and for Justin to come closer to the Lord.
    Cheryl E.
  • Please pray for me. I am in jail and my wife is disabled who lives alone.
    Tom B
  • Pray for family, love, unity and communication. Lauryn, Natasha, Lizzy, Tammy, Donna, Alice, Wendy, Brie, Tracy, Jennifer, Deanna, Nicolle, Jami and Brandy.
    Yvonne G.
  • Please pray for my son Sean's salvation.
  • Please pray for my son Benjamin, he is currently in jail in another state. He has charges in the state where we live as well. I have prayed so many years he will leave his addictions and follow Jesus. Pray for his dad not to bail him out this time. Pray for me to trust the Lord in all things.
  • Please pray for my friend Leslie H., she is recovering from a craniotomy, they found a spot on her brain last March.
  • Please pray for me, I have fallen into sins and I don't quite know how to get back to where I use to be with Christ. I am quite lost and overwhelmed.
  • Please pray for restoration for me, I have been feeling hopeless, down, with no will to pray or do anything for the past month.
  • Please pray that God saves my sister, 2 nephews, niece & 2 great-nieces.
    David T.
  • Please pray for me and my family.
    Marianne F.
  • I pray that Jesus may help me improve my life.
  • Please pray for Michael L. and me, we just got married on December 22nd this year. I have autism and mental health issues.
    Kristina L.
  • I pray to the Lord Jesus to heal my wife, Paulette, she has battled breast cancer over a ten year period, now it has turned to stage 4, metastatic bone cancer of the spine and sternum. I pray for her healing. I want so desperately for a miracle that will save her life.
    George H.
  • Please pray for my son Chris to return to the Lord.
  • Please pray for my uncle who has a son that is a heroine addict. Pray for the salvation of my uncle and his son.
    Ivan P.