Prayer Band List

  • Please pray that my son and I be reunited soon in God's love and grace.
    Isaiah P.
  • Pray for my great aunt, her house just burnt down, everything's gone, she's just having a really hard time right now.
    Kinza S.
  • Please pray for my husband, me and the rest of our family to show grace and have wisdom as God works His will in Sam’s life. Pray with me for my son Sam that God will restore his faith.
  • Please pray for God to save my wife and our marriage.
  • Please pray for my nephew Daniel who is in the Winnebago County Jail and for my brother Aaron who just lost his wife from liver disease Feb 6, 2021. Pray that they would confess Jesus as Lord and receive salvation.
    Angie K.
  • Please pray that God will open my heart to his word
    Robin S.
  • Please pray for me that God will deliver me from my drug addiction and mental health illness and that the courts will allow me to enter into a program instead of sending be back to prison.
    Curtis L. S.
  • Please pray for God to change my heart so I could repent and be saved.
    Robin S.
  • Pray for my son Khalil he’s 25.
  • Please pray for Gerald M. to be saved and make his parole in 2021.
  • Please pray for me, I was diagnosed with Hep C, pray for my health and spiritual growth.
    Gabriel B.
  • Pray that I will keep reading God word.
    Robin S.
  • Please pray for me that my fears would be overcome by the peace of Jesus Christ.
    Jared C
  • Please pray for me, and Laura, the mother of my children, Danielle, Gabriel, and Kamila and for my country, Honduras.
    Darwin J.P.
  • Pray for me that I will open up my heart to God's word.
    Robin S.
  • Pray for Greg D. who is in the hospital on a ventilator, his health has declined. I believe he's a Christian but don't know where he really stands with the Lord concerning his Salvation.
    John H.