Prayer Band List

  • Pray for my brother Donald and myself.
  • Pray for the Surrell family
    Surrell family
  • Please pray for my financial situation and my wife's health.
  • My son Ciaryne (Ki-ron), he's an heroine addict. He needs Jesus to unshackle him. Please pray for me too, it is a terrible thing to see your child getting worse and living a life of addiction and deception.
    Maeve M.
  • I need prayer that God will breakthrough in every areas of my life that I made a mess of.
  • Please pray God blesses His people with a bountiful harvest of souls as they go out to share the Gospel.
  • Pray for chains to be broken, hearts to be healed, the lost and world peace.
  • Please pray for me for unwavering faith.
  • Pray for Jessica and her friends, me and my husband that God would change our hearts.
    Connie F.
  • I am in dire need of prayer. I have family, financial & housing difficulties and I need guidance from the Lord.
    Dara S.
  • Please pray for my son. He's been wrestling with suicidal thoughts, and struggling with sexual, alcoholic, and marijuana temptations. He was "saved" as a child, and for a short time as a teenager he lived a devoted life to Christ. Please pray for repentance and a new joyful life in Christ. Thank you!
    Mrs. Johnson
  • Pray for the lost in my family and all around the world to come to salvation in Jesus.
  • Pray for God provision is my situation.
  • Pray that I would look to the Lord who is the author and finisher of my faith. That my hope would be in Jesus Christ alone not in my daughter or others. That I would pray in Jesus name for my spiritual, mental and financial stability.
  • Please pray that God would give me peace and comfort while I believe Him for a healing miracle.
  • Pray for the reconciliation of our marriage and that God would use whatever He wills to bring my husband out of the adulterous sin he's in. Pray for me that I will trust God as I pray to Him for my husband.
  • Pray for my daughter Grace who claims she is transgender. Pray for my strength to continue too pray for her salvation and deliverance.
  • My friend, David, who has backslidden and in prison again. Please pray for him.
  • Please ask the Lord to lead me to a Christian girlfriend.
  • Pray for guidance in Job search and for reconciliation with my ex-wife